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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mount Rushmore

We have been to Mount Rushmore 3 times since 2004. Yes, 3 times! Granted, the last time was on our way through but the kids insisted that we take a detour to see it once again. My daughter was 12 and son was 7 the first time we ventured to South Dakota for a family vacation.

I had been there as a kid but it was rush, rush, rush...gotta get going! Did you see it? Okay, let's go. Walk up to the wall in front, pause, take a picture and hustle back. Who knew they had great walking trails that get you right under the monument? And the interpretative center? Awesome! At night, they have a program that tells stories of the monument's beginnings and historical facts. The kids were enthralled. Ok, ALL of us were enthralled with it. But the best part of the ceremony was when they asked for all the service men and women who were there to stand and everyone in attendance were asked for a round of applause in appreciation of them. No dry eyes in our famly! I respect and appreciate all the men and women in uniform for allowing us the freedoms we have today. For those of you idiots (yes, I used that word) that didn't join in ...shame on you!) But here is a shot from the lighting ceremony. Please forgive the poor detail in the was before I had my mean my good camera, yeah, that's it, my good camera. This was my desktop on my computer for a long time (until I found my happy place!).

We have lots of pictures from different angles but the one that is my all time favorite was taken by my son. Don't ask me why, but he is always looking for crevices and cracks to crawl into and just happened upon one at the base of Rushmore. So like a little rat, he crawls into this crevice and comes out all excited...MOM! Gimme your camera! So I hand him the camera, he crawls back in...And the result was spectacular at least in the proud opinion of a mom. :)

So, when we went back with my newest addition to the family in 2007, I had to have him try to recreate the picture with a zoom factor this time and this was the result. (please do not use the pictures without giving credit~thanks!). The Mount Rushmore area is a great place to take the kids...or for anyone to visit. Next up...our next favorite spot in South Dakota...Custer State Park! 

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