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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dreamin' of Warmer Weather

This week finds me at home, sweet, home...which for my family's sake is a good thing, but I really would like to be elsewhere, someplace warmer, someplace sunnier than it is here in the tundra of Minnesota. My thoughts of sunny beaches, pineapples and whales are clogging my brain as I watch the weather for Kaanapali Beach on Maui...

Our last excursion to my most favorite place on earth was February 2010 and we arrived in time to celebrate Valentine's Day in Maui. I have to admit, this was the the most fantabulous (that is a word, right?) V-Day EVER in my existence! This was our second time there but this time, we were in the middle of whale season! I was going to insert a comment that whale season is NOT when it gets warm out at a certain box store that will remain nameless, but I will hold myself to a higher standard...So, there are so many boats that do whale watches but we are sooo glad we did the Pacific Whale Foundation Whale watch tour.
Humpback, seen from PWF boat deck

We saw several whales extremely close up and had the awesome experience of having them coming right under our boat! The nice thing about this boat is that it was educational! Yeah, last thing the kids like to have done on vacation is being taught...we ended up with a much longer boat tour because the whales just would not move! I can hear the blowing of the whales as they breached along the boat...The most cool thing is when you are snorkeling, if you get below the water far enough (very difficult for women to do this with the life preservers we have built in) you can hear the whale song..

Ok, tell me, is there something wrong with this picture?

Anyway, I just have to put myself in my happy place....ohmmmmm, ohhhhhmmmmmm, can you hear the waves?

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