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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Travel Trials

There's nothing like going on a trip and not having to cook, clean and do all those other motherly and wifely duties. Making someone else make the bed, clean the shower and cook my meals is like a little slice of heaven. It also allows me to appreciate my home and family even more.

It was a good week. I spent time with 2 of my coworkers so my meals weren't spent with my Kindle. Although, there is something to be said about alone time! Travels were smooth. I only wish I could say the same for my patience today. Let it be known (no, the whine isn't coming out but the wine will be later!) that I was up at 2:45 home time. I always use home time because thats where I will end up at the end of the day and it does matter. :)

It seems like the d-bags were out in full force today. Remember how I mentioned I hate seat grabbers? I swear I had a sign attached to my chest saying "Grab my seat" and I am not talking about my nicely rounded rear-end. DH would hunt you down. Not only did I have to deal with them, I got a special treat! One of my most favorite type of traveler...the business dude, felt that he could use the back of my seat for a freaking shelf while he fiddled with putting his shit in the overhead bin. To top it all off, he graced me with jacket-flap slaps. If I want to be slapped, I want something out of it...Hello douche...I do not want to smell your nasty jacket or have your briefcase resting at the base of my neck.

Glare at the guy until I hope to see his skin melt off.

"Oh, I'm sorry, am I bothering you?"

"No, I just like being used as a shelf and whipping post, thanks." Asshole.

So then the deaf guy in front of me with his music. The lady next to him put up with it longer. She told him that it was giving her a headache. (I resorted to my own headphones, no music, just sweet silence)

"Oh, was it loud?"

No shit Sherlock, you want Watson to give you a clue? You want it in a bag of rocks coming at your head? Enough said.

Then the guy who insisted on unpacking shit from his bag before putting it in the overhead bin (it would have fit under the seat so he didn't have to HOLD THE REST OF THE PLANE UP! Rinse, repeat when deplaning occurs. I know Karma will kick his ass later today. I just have a feeling.

So back to home sweet home. Wonder if I can ask my hubby to take me out for dinner? Wishful thinking maybe? Thanks to my DH, he ordered glorious weather for my return. Unfortunately, he didn't look at the expiration date. It expires tomorrow. 


  1. LoL... Sometimes traveling just sucks!! Happy to hear you had a nice trip, even though getting back home probably made you more stressed than when you started the trip.

  2. The good news is I am home! I have a friend who tried to catch an earlier flight, got delayed and ended up getting home later than his original. So it all puts it in perspective. Have a great weekend!