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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


As promised yesterday, I would talk about cicadas. Three trips West since 2007 (in August no less) and all three trips were met with the lovely sound of cicadas in the trees. Lovely? You ask? It all depends on your definition of lovely...If you like the sound of nails scraping across a chalkboard you might like the sounds of the cicadas. If chalkboard music isn't in your music collection, maybe you might like the sound of your spouse grinding their teeth. What?!? You don't like either of those? Ok, I have to agree with you...

So all three trips start out our first night at the KOA in Livingston, Montana. Not for its amenities (it DOES have a pool) but because it is convenient and after approximately 12+hours of driving, we are ready to be done, just like the Thanksgiving turkey's little spiky pop up thing tells you it's done (does anyone really, really trust that little plastic dictator?). Back to the subject at hand. If you have never experienced the symphony of the cicada...I found a blog that is dedicated to the cicada. YES!!!! A blog in homage to Cicadas  Now I can get my fix if we don't get to a place that has life is complete. You haven't lived until you have heard these lovely little insects.

And because I have to work to live...hi-ho, hi-ho, its off to work I go.

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