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Friday, March 4, 2011

Taking things for granted

Its funny, my adult daughter (ugh, I hate saying that as she will always be my darling little baby girl!) went to NYC this week with a friend and her mother. I received the following text from her:


Um, hello!!!! Where have you been? Oh, I forgot, you are just so used to just tagging along and not having to worry about those fees. Well, to be fair she has gone on two other trips with other people where she has had to check bags AND PAY but that was because we paid the fees and this time it came out of her pocket. I explained that the trips we have taken we haven't had to pay because I pay in other ways as a frequent flyer...I wonder how many elbow bumps it takes to check a bag? I wonder how may spare tires that have encroached on my personal space counts towards a free bag? Especially when the spare tires are the SIZE OF A MINING TRUCK TIRE!!!! For all the Iron Rangers out there, you know how big THEY are and trust me, I am not exaggerating (too much).

Yes, I am jealous that she is in NYC as I have been there twice and only once did I actually get to explore a little...VERY LITTLE. I got to see Times Square after a snow and the airport. Whoop-de-doo! I want to explore the secret purse shops...shhhhh....I want to see Lady Liberty, Ground Zero, Ellis Island, a broadway show...not asking for much am I?

Well, for now, I will have to wait on the pictures from her and listen to her stories...oh wait...she won't be my friend on Facebook so I can't see her pictures!

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