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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dirty Room Fairies Strike Again!

The dirty room fairies were practicing their tricks in Minneapolis a few years back and it wasn't on Hennepin Avenue either! Unfortunately it was at one of the major hotel chains by the Mall of America. I am beginning to see a pattern here, each time I have been the victim of the fairies, I have been traveling with coworkers....hmmm. Makes me start to wonder if THEY aren't the fairies...

Had to work all day (I know, wah-wha-wah) and then drive to the Cities for a 3 day conference where I was speaking...get there with enough time to help set up the conference room and can't check in until after 11:00 pm. What IS it with these late nights? I get to the desk and get all excited when I get upgraded to a suite...ahhh sweet! Okay, that was corny but it made you laugh, admit it!

So, feeling a little smug, I strut down the hallway, ride the elevator up, do a little jig to the corner room (yes, the jacuzzi suites usually are in the corners, btw) unlock the door and...sniff, sniff...nose in the air...what is that SMELL? Now, I expect the room to smell clean. Not smelling like smoke, not smelling like icky feet...or, in this case day old soup containers! I see the table in the room with take out boxes, turn to my right and it looks like someone had been getting busy (if you know what I mean...smirk, wink, wink) on top of the bedspread...turn to the left and the jacuzzi tub has towels draped over the side. So my first impression is EWWWWW. Oh HELL no, I am so not sleeping in THAT bed!

Call down to the desk.."sorry ma'am we don't have any housekeeping this time of night. We are booked but let me see what we can do" suite, I bid you sweet adieu. I get moved to a double-double bed room(ugh!), the manager walks in the room, inspects it and finds the room in good order. knew this was coming right? He walked into the bathroom. There on the counter was an opened bar of soap with a used towel. This place seriously has a bad run of towel users! Damn dirty room fairies...

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