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Saturday, March 26, 2011

There's a storm a brewing....

When I am on vacation, I take pictures and lots of them. I have to admit, it's hard to pick my favorites and I always think that I really should have taken more! I find it hard to delete anything off my camera...even the bad ones that are blurred! Thank goodness for the digital age...I would go broke with the cost of film! My only problem is that I am behind the camera and tend to see the sights through my lens...So here are some of my favorite pictures from Moab and the Canyonlands area. The first group is from Arches NP when a storm was working its way through the park. It was my first try at capturing lightning. How many pictures did I have to take to get them? Ummm...remember my comment about thankful we have digital...well it was nearly 500 pics in 30 minutes!
The start of the clouds while hiking...

We took a hike to Landscape Arch and beyond early on in our vacation...this was still when I was extremely wimpy when it came to heights and all that adrenaline pumping stuff the guys liked to do...I admit to not being in shape for the amount of hiking we were planning on doing but figured I would get in shape as we went. At the end of the trip I got really ticked off when I got home to find 50 miles of hiking didn't change the scale...cripes!
They keep billowing

We started seeing the clouds creeping in and we were in a valley...we did not want to be swept away in a flash flood! We high-tailed it back to the truck for safety and none too soon...the lightning started off in the distance. So, true to my self...I insist that we find a place to pull over to watch ( through the lens!) the storm. I started clicking patience paid off. Yes, my hubby's patience was tested but too bad, so was worth it for me...I hope you enjoy~

And the best for last!!!!

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