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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Journey to Angel's Landing-Part 2

With Whale Rock behind me, we did several other hikes over the next couple of days but nothing too harrowing. Exhausting? Yes, but not hikes that would test my fear of heights. I did get more comfortable with walking towards edges and looking over but only when the surface was flat! We did visit Delicate Arch and that was a strenuous hike up a huge rock.
Watering up before the rock section
Delicate Arch-Photo by me!

When we had seen all we could see (okay, all we had time allowed for...we only had 2 weeks), we moved on towards Bryce and Zion Parks. We took a detour to Kodachrome Basin State Park. It was named after a photoshoot for National Geographic magazine took place to capture the colors on Kodachrome film. Fears that Kodak would not allow the name caused a short renaming of the park until they had permission from Kodak to use the Kodachrome name in the late '60s. Ha! Made you learn something new today!

What? We are going where?

One of the hiking trails, Eagle's View Trail was a short trail but it did test my issues with heights yet again. So, I swallowed my bile and followed as if I were blind.On the way, we met a great couple from New Zealand. They were on a 26 day annual holiday...26 days! I know! Lucky Kiwis!  The views from the "safe area" were just fine for me, thank you very much...but nooooooo that wasn't good enough for the fam....c'mon Mom! You can do it!

At this point, I tried pretending to be deaf but that didn't work well, neither of them believed it. Just like the Whale Rock, I managed to venture where I didn't want to go and was better for it. My son kept reminding me..."Angel's Landing, Mom"...ughhh, don't remind me! Shhhh, don't tell him, but at this point, I DON'T THINK SO. :)

Dinner is in the oven...mmm..Lasagna Rolls and garlic butter biscuits...num. My Journey to Angel's be continued.

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