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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Journey to Angel's Landing-Part 3

After a short side-track rant about other people's behavior...back to my journey! After finishing our visit to Kodachrome State Park, we moseyed on over to Bryce Canyon National Park. Bryce is known for its spires and hoodoos...not voodoos...hoodoos! Hoodoos are spires of sandstone that have formed after years of erosion by wind and water and the best ones in the world can be found in here. The colors of the spires are amazing! You can see oranges, and pale pinks to bright cool!

There are several hikes that visitors can take and we did several. We decided to do the Queen's Garden Trail because it sounded, for a queen like me! It was supposed to be an easy 1.8 mile problem. Well once we did the majority of the trail we came across a decision point, do we do the loop or should we take this other trail, the Navajo Loop? Seeing that according to the map it was about a half mile shorter, let's take that one...I am getting hungry...the colors seemed even more vivid along this trail, boy were we smart.

Smart? Um I wasn't so sure until I saw the sign at the beginning of the last leg of the trail...Does that say that we could encounter serious injury or death on that sign? Yup, it does. So what did we do? Did we do the smart thing and turn around? No, we went ahead and kept going despite the warning signs. We rounded the bend and were met with the following site. The climb ascends via switchbacks up 520 feet! This is the part that was supposed to prepare me for Angel's Landing!

Well, we did the switchbacks, I didn't count how many of them. All I know is that there were a ton! My legs felt like jello, my chest hurt and my hunger was 10 times what it was at the bottom. The black specks you see in the picture...those are the ants, er...people. This is the view from the top. I survived.

The saga is nearly to Zion tomorrow!

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