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Thursday, March 17, 2011

All I Want Is a Clean Room...

I swear, the dirty room fairies follow me's like they know that I am coming and they purposely find out which room I am in and do things just to mess with me...Thankfully I have not been one of the unlucky people who have come home with the dreaded bedbugs...ewww that would just be over the top and probably make me quit traveling at all. Not to mention my dear husband's feelings about that!
I wish the BR looked like this!
The fairies seem to pop up when my day has been looooonnnngggggggg and all I want is a hot shower and a comfy bed that I don't have to share. If you are like me, I love hotel showers! I can turn the hot water as hot as I can stand it and stay in there as long as I want, its like my own personal spa time. There are some nights that I don't check in to my hotel until nearly midnight because of late flights and long work days and on this one occasion, I just really needed to shower and sleep, please and thank you. So, I unlock my door...put my luggage on the rack, up off the floor to decrease the chances any creepy crawly things climb in for a ride back to Minnesota...unpack my necessary girly things putting them on the vanity. I turn around and throw the curtain back in great anticipation....reach for the faucet and look down.

A spider? A stray hair stuck to the wall? Ok, that is gross but, nope. Not a hair, not a was a tub half filled with dirty water. Not just soapy looking but dirty with stuff floating in it. Yup, just like you just did, I threw up in my mouth, just a little. The front desk was horrified and got me into another room 40 min. later. But that image will forever be with me...yes, there are a few more stories which I will share later. Work beckons me....

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