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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Memories of Maui

Our first trip to Maui was in 2007 and we were hooked! Ok, truth be told, WE is a strong word. We implies that the whole family was hooked. For my kids and I....the we is we. For dear hubby, it means he just went along with us because the boss said so.

I can't say that I blame him. The travel to get there can be taxing, oh man. Once you get there it all melts away like butter on fresh corn on the cob. Maui is my happy least until I find the next happy place! Hey, a girl can change her mind!

One of our days we decided to follow the advice of Maui Revealed and look for the snorkel spot called the "Fishbowl". Let me tell you, trying to get to this place is like walking on the have to walk across a lava field with bags in toe. Speaking of toes...I sure hope you have them covered. The lava is like Pedi-Egg on steroids! We trekked across the lava with no blood dripping down our toes and got to the location. It was gorgeous, the water was freezing! We saw lots of fish and my son and I are snorkeling our little hearts away just in awe of the fish in the colors of rainbows and I look back where my daughter (chicken poop would't come in) and I see my hubby looking rather green.

Thinking he got sick, my first thought is CRAP! A sick man on vacation...there goes MY good time! I mosey on over to see what is going on...I see him pull the car keys out of his swim suit pocket. YES! The rental keys that have the electronic car door opener on it!!!! Here we are over a mile from our car, with a wet electronic key...what do we do? We just know, JUST KNOW that it won't work when we get back to the car. At this point, all enjoyment is drained from everyone. We trudge quietly back to our car. Hubby is thankful that he doesn't hear..."I told you to watch those you know how much that will be to replace?" Nope, didn't even think it (for too long, anyway).

Get back to the car. Decision point. Do we try it? Do we try to open the door with the key hoping it doesn't set off the alarm system? So....what do we do?

Push the button.....wait for what seemed like an eternity....we hear a quiet thunk as the locks.....UNLOCK! WHEW...expensive crisis averted. We never got back to the Fishbowl the last trip...I wonder why? Back to my happy place....

Have you ever had something like this happen? Let me know...I would like to hear from you.

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