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Friday, April 1, 2011

Custer State Park

Custer State Park is tops on our list when we go to South Dakota. Is it for the history? Nope? Is it for the vast,wide open spaces? Nuh-huh...The scenic views? Sadly, you are wrong again. If you said the abundant wildlife you would be correct-o-mundo! Whoa, I just channeled Fonzie there for a minute! Must have came from the cute little note that DH left me yesterday. He drew out (eye) (heart) (ewe) just like they did in a Happy Days episode. This was when we were like 2 btw...

Anyway, back to Custer. It is the animals in the park that draw us back. Yeah, we have animals in Minnesota but none as exotic as a buffalo, burros and cantelope. No, I didn't spell that know how kids sometimes can't say the right names for things and because its just so darn cute, you perpetuate it into all of eternity? That's what we did with the cantelope/antelope thing. We have so many of those special words. It's like a twin-language thing...a Famguage...there I go again..oh brother!

We each have a fave animal...but we all love the buffalo. The big, smelly, huffing bison. We go in search of the herd, stopping at the ranger stations for news of sightings. At The State Game Lodge you can make reservations for an open Jeep ride in search of the buffalo. We haven't done this because we have been lucky to find the herds ourselves and get up close. And I mean CLOSE! Not, the best picture because it was taken out the window but it gives you a sense of how close it was!

Tell me, how scary is that??? And we always seem to go when they are in rut...looking for the ladies to woo! Ohh...did I mention the babies? How cute is this??!?!
The mother lode when you are on the "hunt" for the buffalo!
 Mommy and baby!
 Big boy!!
I didn't get to the cantelope or the burros....the burros are good for a posting by themselves...well, maybe two postings. We will have to see! Please feel free to comment or ask questions!

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