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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Journey to Angel's Landing-Part 1

Since I have been staying home lately, I will be sharing a few more tales of our family vacations.

This summer I had the pleasure of taking a 2 week RV trip with my family...well, MOST of my family. My oldest  couldn't bear to think of losing 2 weeks of work (work=money). So we did what any parent would do...we reluctantly left her alone for 2 WHOLE WEEKS...and we ventured to the great state of Utah. On the itinerary: Moab, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon and if I got my way (yes, it's been known to happen where I haven't gotten my way) to the Grand Canyon.

My son, ever the risk taker, was adamant that we were going to do the hike to Angel's Landing. I went along with it knowing I would beg off as I am not a fan of heights...Some Angel's Landing facts:
1. 5 miles from start to finish
2. Described as a "strenuous uphill hike", the peak is at 5785 feet
3. There are anchored support chains along sections of the "sheer fin"
4. Not suggested for people with a fear of...gasp! heights!
5. Walter's Wiggles are a series of 21 switchbacks named after the first superintendent of the park.

We did several minor hikes that tested my moxy. One hike in Canyonlands NP, at a place called Whale Rock or Upheaval Dome, was the first one to really test my muster. At one point, my fear was so great that my legs were shaky, heart beating in my ears and I sat down and refused to move as I watch my hubby and son edge closer to the edge...
Step away from the edge!

Well, not wanting to be the wimp...they convinced me slowly that I could do it and to trust my shoes to grip. Trust in my shoes was was trust in MYSELF that I was having trouble with! Not wanting to be the wimpy mom, I took a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other and before I knew it...I had joined my family on the other side! Was my heart still sitting in my throat? Was the blood still rushing in my ears? Heck yes! But the best feeling was the sense of accomplishment that I faced my fear and lived to tell about it! Little did I know that this would be baby steps compared to what was coming in the upcoming days...Stay Tuned!
I did it!

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