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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Food fight on an airplane?

Apparently, there was a woman who was displeased with her meal that was served on a flight. She had ordered a vegetarian meal and when she found out it was not vegetarian she threw it at the flight attendant. Seriously, this goes with my other blog posting "If you can't say anything nice.." (shameless plug, I know).

What is wrong with people that they think that this is okay behavior? This type of behavior is NEVER OKAY! I think I learned that rule before kindergarten. You should not throw your food. In fact, I think my kids learned that rule as soon as they could start feeding themselves. The flight attendant, bless her, soul did not press charges. I hope this woman gets put on the no-fly list. The planes are already cramped, flyers are crabby enough withouts people behaving like animals.

Have I run into a crabby FA? Yes, I have and when that happens, don't antagonize them! You don't know what kind of day/week they have had. Is their crabbiness towards you warranted? No, they should not take it out on you but maybe a kind word or a smile just might turn their day around.

p.s. I haven't stopped the Journey to Angel's Landing...I had to go off on a rant...Next installment later tonight!

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