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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost your cell phone? I don't mean just misplaced in your house because you were having one of THOSE days...but really, really lost it? Like, completely, totally lost it? I have and let me tell is not a fun feeling. To add to the panic, it was a work provided phone and we were on vacation in Maui! I swear that was the only time I felt panic on my entire vacation.

We had driven down a road to an old lighthouse just outside Maalaea on Maui and I had my phone secured (ha!) in my pocket. This is a partial view of what we ventured to see.

We left there and went on our merry way to another point where we could see the whales breaching off in the distance...WAAAAAYYYY off in the distance. See what looks like a little waft of sea spray? That was the whale...and here you thought you would actually see a to disappoint.

Anyways...we ventured further and then made our way slowly back to the condo in Kihei. Getting out of our rental car, I begin to feel the know that feeling when you just misplace something important...sweaty palms, heart racing...kind of like the feeling of being in love only not quite. No phone, ANYWHERE in the car. I felt like throwing up. It's not like I NEEDED it, I was on vacation with my family, I didn't need it for work so why was I feeling this way? Because I was worried that someone would find it and make calls to places like India, Samoa or Zimbabwe, can you just imagine the bill for that?!?!

I started calling the phone hoping someone would answer and not just my prayers! Another tourist had found it and took it back to their hotel with them. They answered it! Whew, sigh of relief washes over me...We arranged a pick up of the item (sounds mysterious) the next day...Thank goodness for honest people! Ironically enough, I had the opportunity to return the favor for someone back home...with the same model of phone, no less! It pays to be honest...

Just remember, Karma...she can be a B but she can also be a different b...a blessing.

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