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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Are we there yet? Journey to Angel's Landing-Part 4

Are we there yet? Not yet but we are close! I know, I know...just get there would you?!?! Sorry, but we were there for two weeks...and I tend to be long winded..we will get there eventually. During our time in Utah, we had gorgeous weather with only a few rainstorms...One night in Moab it started raining when we were in Arches NP and it was the most unreal storm we had seen in a long time. I will do another post on that with some really cool pictures another time...We left Bryce Canyon a couple of days early as we were all pretty excited to get to Zion National Park. The day before we left, we were lucky enough to have a rainbow show. BTW- If you click on the pictures..they will get bigger!

After the rain ended, one of our camping neighbors saw that I had my camera out snapping pictures like I was some great photographer on assignment...he came over and started talking...and he learned I am just a nobody who just likes to take lots and lots of pictures! He happened to be a retired photography teacher from Michigan. I was lucky enough to get some tips from him to give you the pics you see here. (Now, I just need to learn how to  photoshop those stupid electrical lines out!!!) So, after the storm we shuffled off to Buffalo...oh sorry, it was Springdale...

Now, Springdale truly only exists because of Zion National Park. It is a cute little town just meant for tourists. Although, truth be told, I would live there in a heartbeat! The next hike we take is the one that truly prepared me for Angel's Landing...Hidden Canyon...hold on a that a chain secured to the rock wall? Yes, my is, it is (I hear W.C Fields...did that age me?) and I am SUPPOSED to hold on to that to go across that teeny, tiny, narrow spot? This is becoming a habit...I just follow along like a good little wifey-mommy-poo. Speaking of poo...oh never mind!
Well, here I am at the Hidden Canyon. Like all the other hikes I have done, this was worth it. It was so cool and we felt so small looking up at the sheer rock walls. One thing that I never mentioned yet, is that there are cats in Zion. Meow-meows? Yeah, cute, cuddly MOUNTAIN LIONS! Yes, I would love to see one..FROM MY CAR. No, we didn't see any of the kitties when we were there. The bear last year was good enough (see my earlier blog for that story). We got to the end and then we turned back around and was met by....
Well, let's just say going up is wayyyyyy easier than going down. When you go don't HAVE to look down but when you go down, you can't squeeze your eyes closed and hope you can do it blind. You have no your eyes so you can see where you are going to fall if you slip. Sorry to ruin it...I didn't slip. I made it down safe and sound with more confidence in myself than I had going up. Which is saying a lot. Remember, dear hubby told me to "trust my shoes" it took me this long to really get what he meant. I now trust my shoes.

This was the first and last part of the hike. Yessir...MORE SWITCHBACKS! Okay, I promise you...tomorrow we will get to Angel's Landing...cross my heart... <3

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