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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lost Purse

I have traveled a lot over the last 10 years for work and have learned a ton of things. 
  • stick with one color scheme  so you don't have to have 3 pairs of shoes
  • put liquids in a ziploc bag in your suitcase so they don't explode
  • always bring an extra days worth of clothes...just in case
  • don't forget your purse on the plane
What was that last one? Don't forget your purse on the plane...I thought I was smart and traveling light. Key word: THOUGHT! I carried on my overnight bag and instead of a purse, I took my wallet...heck one night in New Orleans...I didn't need much. This was a month after 9/11 occurred and my first month on the job and first time meeting the local sales rep. Talk about nerve wracking already!

The sales rep picked me up at the airport and we head downtown to meet a client...all the while hearing how the last demo was a disaster and this is our last I get out of the car, go to the backseat to grab my bag, I reach for my wallet in my overnight's not there! Girls, you know how that feels? It's like a part of you died! OMG!!! I go into full panic mode...seriously, this was worse than losing my cell phone in Maui a few years back. No money, no credit cards, no the hell am I gonna get checked into my hotel, eat and GET HOME THE NEXT DAY?!?!?!!? Hyperventilating, near tears (NEVER let them see you cry!) and so sick I almost puke.

We walk into the clients office. I calmly ask for a phone book, look up the airport and dial the number, choking the barf back as I do this. They put me in touch with the NWA desk (I miss them, btw) and I explain what happened, give them my contact information and they tell me that they will call me back after they check if it was turned in. The plane has already turned around to go back to MSP! Damn.

I managed to hold it together to do the product demonstration (whew!!) and when we finished, my phone rang.....duh-duh-duh-duh..(my version of suspense. I have no rhythm at all)

Someone had turned it in and I could pick it up at the airport. Praise the Lord and Amen!

I got my wallet back, we got the sale and I had a great meal of boiled crawfish in New Orleans! And I earned the nickname "Queen of Calm"...If they only knew!


  1. You are VERY lucky because that could have turned into a real headache!!!

  2. I cringe just thinking about it! Thanks for stopping by!