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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Typical Work Day~ On the Road

Even though I look forward to going on the road for work, I dread the first day. This is the day that I travel.

Most of the time I have to take the dreaded 5:30 am flight. Which means that I have to be up at 3:30 am to get myself presentable and get enough coffee in me to be able to function. You would NOT want to see me sulking towards you in the airport if I didn't.

Did I mention that I usually cannot sleep the night before a trip? Yeah, that's an issue too. I am so worried about my alarm not going off that I don't stay asleep.

I dread the first day on a trip. There is the worry that the flight will get delayed. Even worse? The flight getting cancelled. This completely throws a wrench in the cogs. Unfortunately, the clients seem to think that we plan delays and cancellations just to piss them off mess with them. Try being the one to have to call you and tell you that we won't be there as planned and having to rearrange all of the hotel, car, plane reservations! Contrary to popular belief, I do have feelings and do not like being yelled at.

I have been trying to travel out the day before I have to be somewhere but that doesn't always work either. And if you have read my recent posts, there are extenuating circumstances surrounding me going earlier than needed.

If I am really, really lucky, I get to go to my clients and work a half day (or more).

I wish my day would end with a luxury hotel chain, in a Jacuzzi suite. No such luck, that only happens in my dreams. It usually means unpacking, ironing all my clothes for the week, switching on the news until I can't take it any more...

Then lying in the dark room, unable to sleep. Yes, the alarm worries are keeping me up again.


  1. To me, it sounds like such an exciting life.... but I bet it gets old after awhile.

  2. It does get old but I do like the break it gives me away from home. It gives me reason to appreciate what I have!