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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I haven't been able to post any pictures of my recent travels...mainly because their HASN'T BEEN ANY! So I have resorted to rehashing previous trials and tribulations of my traveling family...but when I start traveling can bet I will be using this!

I just wanted to tell you about a website and app. FreakJet......Yuppers, they have an app for the IPhone...Alas, for us Droid lovers...the Droid app doesn't exist yet. BUT... the guys at FreakJet promise me that they are working on it! (I will hold them to that promise!!!!). And it is because of this promise that I am writing this today! No pressure....

You have probably gotten emailed pictures about the people you see at WalMart...well, this site is for the people you see in airports or traveling....Take it from me, you see some very interesting people when you travel! (Read: freaky people)

So do me a favor and check out their site:
FreakJet on the Web

Check out (and of course download) their app:
FreakJet App at ITunes

Follow them on Twitter:

And most importantly...tell them that @MsTravelTina sent you!

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