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Monday, April 25, 2011

Traveling Sick

It would happen. I have been home for weeks and been relatively healthy. Book a flight, get ready to travel and I get hit with whatever my son had. Right after I blog about the coughing, hacking passengers. Karma, I tell you, karma.

The good news is that at least you know I carry hand sanitizer with me, know enough not to cough into my hands and will do my best not to share my germs with fellow travelers.

The bad news? My sinuses are killing me. If you have ever flown with a stuffed head, you will know why this is bad news. My ears are bubbling, my teeth hurt and I am not looking forward to getting on PRESSURIZED planes. I have a connection so I have 2 take offs and landings. That is the part that is going to suck. Did I say that I am prone to nose bleeds when I fly and have a sinus infection? Yeah. At least I have learned my lesson and now fly with lots of Kleenex.

The first time that happened, we were taking off and we had just started the climb and I felt my nose start to run. Grab the one Kleenex I had balled up in my purse and wipe. Blood! And it was running freely, with one Kleenex. Of course, you can't get up, I was in the middle of the plane and really couldn't do anything other than pray and hope that it would finally stop. It did. I thought it was a fluke. It wasn't.

Second time? Wasn't so lucky. I ended up with no kleenex and had to use one of the worthless airline napkins that for some reason I saved. ESP? Doubtful.

Boy I love flying. 


  1. Oh Jeeze Tina.... What bad luck... or karma as you say.

    When my Hubs has a cold, I make him put oil of oregano up his nose... He hates the smell but it works.

    I wonder what causes you to have bloody noses. I know a few people that have that problem and wonder why some more than others have it. Hmmmmm ... now you got me thinking.

    Well, good luck to you in your travels and I hope you are feeling better soon. Terry

  2. I have never heard of the oil of oregano treatment. oregano, may have to look for that when I get home.

    Thanks for the well wishes.