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Monday, April 11, 2011

Airport Pet Peeve

If you haven't noticed a pattern here...I have a LOT of pet peeves when I travel. And it is not because I am intolerant, quite the contrary. I have become waaaaayyyyy more tolerant of people than I used to be. Maybe it's because I finally learned that dumb people don't know they are dumb and no matter what I hope for, dumb people breed dumb people and it just can't be helped. Maybe it's ignorance...

It may be a little thing but it's something that drives me crazy....

The rows of seats in the airports...the ones that are all attached together? Yeah, those ones. The ones that when a portly person plops their largess down on the opposite end and sends you flying into the ceiling? Those ones. Well, besides being catapulted into the ceiling, I cannot stand fidgeters!

Don't get me wrong, I am a fidgeter myself and I fidget all day long. Some days, it's the only exercise I get! But when I fidget, I fidget in private so that it doesn't annoy anyone else. The feeling of my seat shaking because you cannot control your's nearly as bad as being a seat grabber. If you are a fidgeter...please go sit in a different row if you just cannot contain yourself long enough to not annoy me. If you don't, you run the risk of having daggers bore through your soul...Granted they are only the invisible kind and you may not know they are being thrown but you will get up and wonder to yourself..."why do I feel so weird?" Don't worry, it's just the side effects of my karma daggers.

Don't worry, strangers aren't the only ones prone to my DH is a wiggler too...he shakes the whole couch while we watch TV because he has untreated ADD and can't sit still. So, I dagger away and when I realize the armor is on stealth mode...I get up and move. 

So, if you see me playing musical chairs with invisible people at the airport, ask yourself one little question:

"Am I a fidgeter?"

If you can answer yes to that question...admitting you have a problem is the first step! 

I actually get to go somewhere this week! A business sanctioned trip the Mall of America and much better can it get? Oh yeah...I could be in Hawaii like some OTHER people I work unfair is that?

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