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Friday, April 15, 2011

What?!? You can hear MY music?

Yes, I can. I can hear your music. I don't want to, but I do.

You have seen the people with their little white ear buds bopping there heads to the invisible beat. They are everywhere, buses, trains, stores, and my favorite...planes. I swear they just grow into the ears of people. I am thinking they have an ear cleaning app so they don't have to remove them.

Did I say invisible beat? I must have been dreaming because I can hear that "beat" over the sound of the engines.

No, I don't have supersonic hearing. But, my husband does this irritating cute thing where he "clicks" his eardrums and I can hear it across the room.Even my kids know that I have poor hearing. Especially when they are yelling "mom....Mom...MOMMMMMM!"

I digress....

What is it with me? I seem to attract the dipshit that has the earbuds on and they have cranked up the volume to epic levels. Its like sitting next to a TV where the volume goes up for each commercial but just stays there for 3 minutes. Then bliss...that quiet period between songs. The bliss is rudely interrupted by another song. And it's never any good music. Its gotta be the rap or some alternative-crack-smoking-black-haired screaming shit with an impossibly loud bass beat.

We refer to that in our house as Anger Music.

Just hearing it, makes me angry.

And yes, if I am sitting right next to you...I will tolerate it for a while. I am hopeful that you will have the realization that you are encroaching on my personal airspace with unwanted sound waves. But be warned. There will be a split second that it puts me over the edge and...

I WILL tell you and I WILL ask you to turn it down. I will do it nicely but firmly. Even though I want to rip them out of your ears and strangle you with the cord. I will refrain from that. 

It really makes me angry if you are sitting 2, 3 or 4 rows away and I can still hear it. YOU are harder for me to get to...those karma daggers are being shot your way with as much karmic power as I can muster up. I just feel sorry for the people sitting closer to you.

So if you are already freakin' deaf from listening to that crap...get to an audiologist. Your fellow passengers will appreciate it.

Now, where did I put my noise cancelling ear buds?

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