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Monday, April 4, 2011

Gotta Find the Burros! ~ Custer State Park

As I had mentioned in an earlier blog, Custer State Park in South Dakota is one of our super fave places to go. Buffalos are number one on our "must find" list but the burros rank a very, very close second! We will drive through the park yelling (quietly) "Donk-ayyyyy!" Think of Shrek when you read this..."c'mere Donkey"..."Oh Donkeyyyyyy, where are you, Donkey?!?!" Yes, I will take full credit for planting THAT in your head today! Face it, you know have this uncontrollable urge to watch all of the Shrek movies!

Warning: The following WILL cause you to learn at least one useless point of trivia for the day....

The burros in the park are the offspring of animals that were brought in to bring visitors to the top of Harney Peak. When this practice ended, they let them go inside the park and they have thrived and provided entertainment for the masses. When in Custer, we put hundreds of miles driving the Wildlife loop looking for...Wildlife! DUH! The burros are always in the same area but they tend to hide out waayyyyy off in the distance but if they are hungry, they are right on the road looking for handouts. Now, the park service rules are that you should not feed them and I ALWAYS follow the rules............

Oops, sorry. I had to lift myself up off the floor. I was laughing so hard that I fell off my chair! There is a saying in our family....rules are made to be broken! But you should really listen to the park rangers. That disclaimer being stated, we do break the rule (I know..surprise, surprise, surprise!)...after all, the burros are really, really persistent. But...we don't do the cookies, crackers etc. You can go to any of the grocery stores in Custer and get a big bag of carrots to feed them (4 bags? Maybe someone has done that before, nope, wasn't me...just saying!). Just stay away from the sweets and salty stuff! If they aren't good for you, they certainly are not good for them! Can you imagine an overweight donkey? Ah. It would just be another fat ass!

My son is going to kill me! (nice teeth, btw!)

The babies are adorable and they look like their mommies!

Just be careful. They are still wild!

Hello, gimme carrots...cookies...I don't care....just hand it over! If you don't, I'ma gonna eat your car!

Hey, anything in here? Hellooo...I am standing right here...don't you see me?


No, we cannot bring him home!

Still, NO....I don't care how cute he is!

All gone? Cripes, I am leaving...don't come back until you bring carrots!

Just writing about this makes me want to back again. Honey....yoo-hoo! You said you didn't know what you wanted to do this weekend? Thinking road trip? 9 hours in the car really isn't THAT bad is it?

Have you ever taken an 9 hour (one way) road trip just for the heck of it? Let me know about it!


  1. Too much fun! I love the burros at Custer State Park as well. While one would argue the buffalo sell the place and keep people coming back, I'd be on the other side saying that the burros are the friendly faces of Custer State Park. Love those silly burros, and it looks like your family does too.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Katlyn Richter
    SD Office of Tourism

  2. Thanks for stopping by Katlyn! The burros are so much fun! We really just love the entire area. The horseback rides at Blue Bell are also a favorite for us as riding is one of those most do activities on vacation too. If gas prices stay where they are, we may be back this year for a shorter,closer to home vacation!