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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kudos to Kara the Flight Attendant

Today, despite the way I felt, flying wasn't bad. I was fortunate enough not to get delayed, luggage wasn't lost and my head didn't explode like I thought it would. All in all, a good day. Oh and the freaks were out in force in Detroit! But that is a topic for tomorrow...

I am sure you have seen the white-knuckle flyer who is really nervous and may have even laughed at them. I admit, I have too. Flying is not a big deal to me but to some people it is. And there is nothing wrong with them.

I had a little bit of trepidation this morning when the door was starting to close and a passenger came rushing up the aisle. Panicked.This poor woman was in total anxiety attack. My heart went out to her. I have to give major kudos to Kara, the flight attendant on a Delta flight operated by Pinnacle. She was amazing with the passenger. She was calming, put her arm around the passenger and talked her down from the peak. She did what it took to take care of this woman and helped her to get off the plane without causing a big commotion and calling attention to the passenger.

I cannot imagine what may have caused this woman's anxiety but I am glad that Kara was able to help her. So, the next time you think that the flight attendant is just a glorified waitress in the sky, remember the other things that they do for the traveling public. They are not just there to keep you buckled in their seat and pass out drinks and snacks.They are there for your safety.

Put yourself in their shoes. Their lives are not as glamorous as you may think. If you think you are inconvenienced when you encounter weather, think about how it affects them if they miss their flight too. One missed flight could mean their whole schedule gets messed up. They live out of a suitcase and have to deal with more flights in a day than you and then have to put on a smile and handle passengers of all kinds.

So next time you are flying and are handed your drink and snack, look up, smile and say thank you. That anxious woman could be your mother, daughter, grandmother. Wouldn't you like a Kara to be there for them?

Have you seen other examples of kindness like this on a flight?


  1. I still regret not having become a flight attendant! I came so close when I graduated high school 20 years ago.

  2. I have met many very good and very nic flight attendants. Many of them today are men and are probably also the security cop on the plane.

    Happy to hear your cold did not affect your flight. Sucks to be sick and have to fly.
    Voted on the fence. Terry

  3. Terry- You are right! So many are nice, although there are a few that I have met that had bad days so they were cranky. I can't blame them and try to be nice no matter what. Thanks for stopping!

    Sandra- Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed my post. What did you end up doing after school?