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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Florida Travel Trials

If you look closely at the right..You can see my son behind the feathers
After I had been subjected to thousands of miles and multiple nights in states all over the country, we decided to finally cash in on those hard earned points and take our kids to Florida. Now, we aren't dumb people. Although, if you ask our kids, they might say that we need to be institutionalized for our stupidity at times.

We book our trip for Spring Break (not college spring break...I told you we weren't dumb!) in the middle of April thinking that it will be warmer than spring in Minnesota. We split our time between the overcrowded, commercialized Orlando and the laid-back, easy going Clearwater Beach areas. Focus, Tina, focus!

The day we planned to go to Discovery Cove, we roll out of bed, go down for the free breakfast (Embassy Suites~best free breakfast...EVER!) and popped our head out the door to see just how spectacularly warm it was. You know that first cold day in winter when it is sunny, blue skies? It looks like a gorgeous winter day....And you step outside BAM!!!  Only to be hit with -40 degrees in your face? Yes that was 40 BELOW ZERO! wasn't QUITE that cold in Florida but it felt that way. It was only 40 degrees!

And we chose THIS day to spend the entire time in the water? At that point we felt as stupid as our kids thought we were. So, back to our room to get our parkas. Not really, but I wish we would have!

The real point of this story really is what happens next and it has nothing to do with Discovery Cove. We had to be there at 8:00 to check in so we thawed out a bit, put the heat on in the car (IN FLORIDA! UGH!). We take the exit and get to the stoplight...we stop. And we wait....and we wait.....and we wait....and still, we wait some more. 

We start looking at each other wondering what the heck is going on. There are no cars coming from any direction...and yet we wait. Seriously folks, we sat there for nearly 5 min. Now, if you knew my hubby, he is a "follow the rules" sort of guy to the nth degree! The kids are whining (I know...a first for them!) "let's just go! There aren't any cars!"

Vacillating back and forth...we finally decide...FORGET IT! And as we start turning...the light turns green! 

WTH! I just know that on a Sunday morning there was some jackass in traffic control sitting in his little office, with his little button just messing with us! He was sitting there laughing his fat butt off trying to see how long it would take for us to finally just take off....Well, I hope he had fun with his little button because next time I am in Florida...I am coming after him to show him what he can do with his little button!


  1. ROFLMAO... sounds like you had an unforgettable time! :) I'd like to know who is the one with the buttons too!! ;b

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