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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tina's Traveling Tips

You've all seen articles with tips on traveling and the do's and don'ts of traveling. You may also have gotten a little miffed when reading it because the writer sounds as if he's shaking his finger at you...don't deny it! I would read some of them and roll my eyes (I do this very well, just ask my hubby!). Well, I sooooo totally get it and truly believe that they just go about it in the wrong way. If I offend some of you, that's the is short, move on.

For example, the whole 3-3-1 rule that came out for liquids, its been what, 3 years? and there are still people that try to get on with whole tubes of toothpaste and gallon size shampoos. Seriously dude, if you need THAT much toothpaste for a 3 day business trip, I feel sorry for your significant other in the morning (waving hand in front of face)! I am amazed how much I can actually pack into a little quart sized bag and still get the darn thing zipped. Although, you gotta be careful...if you have nails, those suckers will slice right through the bag below that zipper. No wonder my hubby screams in horror if I scratch him. This past week though, I did see/hear a screener at one of the airports tell someone that their 16 oz full water bottle is something that shouldn't have been in her carry on (it showed on the x-ray) but surprise surprise surprise (if you heard Gomer Pyle saying this I applaud you!)...I didn't see him ask her to remove it and throw it away! Seriously, I just know that had it been me (and yes, I have forgotten a Diet Coke in my bag before) I would have been publicly humiliated, strip searched and made to miss my flight. I truly believe that they have special classes that have role playing where they playact so they can learn the fine art of humiliation. This opens up a whole 'nother thread about going through security but I will spare you today...but I will eventually get there. Tip # 1, learn the rules before you get to the airport.  :)

Overhead bin is amazing how many frequent travelers (you men in monkey suits, you know who you are!) think that if they fold their suit jacket oh so carefully and put it in the overhead that it's going to stay nicely folded and wrinkle free...well, you haven't met me yet! Sorry, but this is one of my many pet peeves. Yes, I will go out of my way to "accidentally" crush that jacket. I do this: a) because I can; b) because I can't crush your face when you do this and c) because it gives me some perverse satisfaction that you will show up at your meeting, job interview, whatever, looking like a crumpled mess. So tip #2, just don't do it.

One last thing about the overhead bin space...ladies, if you can't lift your bag over your head, just check the darn thing!!!!!! Seriously, if you have to look around with the doe-eyed look, whimper a little and expect someone to help you lift it...good luck. There are schmucks (yes, SCHMUCKS) who are enablers and keep ladies like you packing too much crap and holding the rest of us up from getting to our luxuriously appointed seats.

My next biggest adventure? A new stomach is in knots as I type that. Women understand the anxiety over this. Its worse than going to a new doctor. Wish me luck!

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  1. I guess I'm a schmuck...I help everyone in distress, man or woman, get their bags into the overhead bin. Mind you, it's not 100% altruism that drives me...that helps the plane board faster and thus, I get in on time. And if you remember, the last person I helped with their bag netted me a $250 voucher and 50,000 miles on Delta ;)